Harrison Pond
By-Laws & Governance
Articles of Incorporation
This document defines how the Harrison Pond Association is structured. Every home owner should have received a copy of this at the closing.
The "Articles of Incorporation" include how the board of trustees (directors) is defined, and their responsibilities to the association as well as how they carry on any other business at meetings. One of the responsibilities of the board of trustees is the maintenance and enforcement of the Code of Regulations.
A corporation is formed and recognized in the state of Ohio by it's Articles of Incorporation. These articles of Incorporation are filed in the office of the Ohio Secretary of State, Corporations Division. Select Here to view.
Code of Regulations
These are the items that are part of the Articles of Incorporation for the entity Harrison Pond Association. These Articles of Incorporation define the rules the residents agree to uphold when they purchase a home in Harrison Pond.
Each homeowner signs their own copy of this document at their closing of their home. This allows the board of trustees the legal authority to uphold the Code of Regulations as defined and filed in the State of Ohio. Select Here to view.
Harrison Pond Community Handbook
This is the current Community Handbook for all of Harrison Pond. It has been revised, approved, and voted into force by the Board of Trustees. Every neighbor should download a copy and read. Select Here to view.
Harrison Pond Signs, Flags and Displays
The HOA board of directors voted on a decision during the January 2022 board meeting to adopt the revised sign, flag and display rules policy created by the law firm, Kaman & Cusimano. This revised policy is more comprehensive and provides more clarity to the community. This revised policy is effective February 1, 2022. Along with this revised policy, a flag request form has been created to approve flags that are not permitted by the revised adopted policy. Please submit all flag approval forms to Brandon Long at Towne Properties. You may also contact Brandon Long with any questions related to this revised policy or use the Contact Us page.
Signs, Flags and Displays Policy Rules
Flag Request Form
Harrison Pond Reserve Report
The purpose of this Replacement Reserve Study is to provide Harrison Pond HOA with an inventory of the common community facilities and infrastructure components that require periodic replacement. The Study includes a general view of the condition of these items and an effective financial plan to fund projected periodic replacements. Select Here to view.
Harrison Pond Budget
This is the budget for the entire HOA subdivision.  The budget is an accounting of estimated expenses for the year.  The budget is used to determine dues, manage expenses and project large reserve expenditures. Select Here to view.

Towne Properties - Property Management
Brandon Long 
777-A Dearborn Park Ln.
Worthington, OH 43086
(614) 781-0055 (Office)
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BrandonLong@towneproperties.com (email)

State of Ohio Deed Restrictions for the Estates of Rocky Fork (Harrison Pond) 
All residents of Harrison Pond received at closing a copy of the Deed Restrictions (not the handbook). These documents were created by the original builder(s) of Harrison Pond and were filed with the Ohio Secretary of State’s office. Call Towne Properties (614)-781-0055 to determine which Section you are in. Some street overlap based on the development schedule.
As Harrison Pond expanded from Shull Road to Clark State and beyond, as each section was developed, a unique set of deed restrictions was created and filed by the builder for each section. Although they contain 90% of the same information, they do contain minor differences. 
These documents overlap somewhat as sections grew. You may have to review several to find your Lot #. To find your Lot #, do a property search on the Franklin County Auditor’s web site:
Franklin County Auditor Property Search
To View the Deed Restrictions by Section, just click on the Section of choice. 
First Amendment to Declaration of the Subdivision Restrictive Covenants for “The Estates of Rocky Fork, Sections 1 & 2”
Lots: 29 - 33 Bayboro Drive
Section 1
Lots A1 - A7 Harrison Pond Drive
Lots A8 - A34 Sleeping Meadow
Lot C48 Harrison Pond Drive
Lots B1 - B10 Kames Way
Lots C1 - C47 - Pond Hollow
Lots C19 - C 37 Harrison Pond Drive
Lots D1 - D8 Windtree Court
Lots C  Sleeping Meadow and the abutting Harrison Pond Drive
Section 2
Not Harrison Pond
Section 3
Lots 1 - 17 Windtree Court
Lots 18 - 25, 40 - 47 Harrison Pond Drive
Lots 25 - 39 Harkers Court
Section 4
Lots 57 - 73 Wedgefield Lane
Lots 40 - 57 Belcross Drive
Section 5
Lots 95 - 105, 115 - 121 Lindenwald Drive
Lots 106 - 114 Dunrovin Drive
Lots 77 - 93 Bingham Mills Drive
Lots 74 - 76 & 94 Belcross Drive
Section 6
Lots 122 - 123, 125 - 127 Harrison Pond Drive
Lots 166-168, 173 - 176 Harrison Pond Drive
Lots 128 - 133, 148 Jensen Park
Lots 139 - 136 Jensen Park
Lots 134, 135, 147 Weisner Place
Lots 142 - 146, 149 , 150, 158 Riker Drive
Lots 151 - 157 Perris Court
Lots 140, 159 - 165 Harrison Pond Drive
Lots 169 - 173 Fouts Court
Section 7
Lots 177 -  204 - Dobbins Drive
Section 8 - P1
Lots 204 through 267
General Area Challis Springs, Aroya Court,  Gwyndale Court, Gwyndale Drive, Minturn Drive
Section 8 - P2
General Area Gwyndale Drive, Gwyndale Court
Section 9
General Area Jensen Park Drive, Perris Court
Section 10.1A
Lots 294 - 299, 317 - 323 Minturn Drive
Section 10.1B
Lots 302 - 315 Harrison Pond Drive
Lots 300, 301, 316 Minturn Drive
Section 10.2
Lots 311 - 313 Harrison Pond Drive
Lots  327 - 330 Harrison Pond Drive
Lots 334 - 353 Harrison Pond Drive
Lots 331 - 333 Paden Drive
Section 11
Lots 355 - 385 Northwood Circle