Harrison Pond
For anyone who has questions, concerns, or comments about our neighborhood, this is the place you will find someone to help you. Our association is managed by an elected Board of Trustees, comprised of seven volunteers from the Harrison Pond Community. Their contact info is on the Board Members page.
Harrison Pond 2019 Committee Chairs and Committee Information
Each committee is always in need of volunteers to help with various tasks. We encourage you to get involved in our neighborhood! If you have purchased items for one of the events or committees, please use the reimbursement form to submit expenses.
Architectural Review:  Bill Richards- Board Chair
Committee:  Bill Bailey - Committee Chair
Steve Holland
Tyler Spears
Kent Harris
Responsibilities: The ARC is charged with approving and disapproval of all exterior modifications made on homes in Harrison Pond. Before any work begins on the exterior of your home, you must submit an Architectural Modifications Form to Towne Properties. You may email the form directly to BrandonLong@towneproperties.com. Once the form is received, Towne Properties will time stamp the request and forward it to the ARC for review. If you have any questions about the form, or process, please call Brandon Long/Kathy Lieb at Towne Properties 614-781-0055 or email Brandon Long directly at BrandonLong@towneproperties.com.
Finance: Dave Cepek - Chair
Responsibilities: To work closely with the homeowners' association, board of trustees, and Towne Properties to:
review monthly balance sheet Towne Properties submits;
assure there are no errors or omissions in monthly balance sheet;
assure the board is keeping within a budget;
see that all invoices are in line with estimates from companies working with the homeowners' association;
keep a positive balance to maintain existing assets;
anticipate any new expenses.
Community Watch: OPEN
         Community Watch Committee Page
Social Committee and Street Representatives: Ed Petit - Chair
          We have an entire page devoted to this area.  Click here to learn more.
Landscape and Common Areas: Joe Tee - Chair
Responsibilities: The Common Area Committee's role is to serve as a “consulting group,” not a hands-on management group, to take care of the common areas in our neighborhood. The hands-on role is reserved for Towne Properties, the property management company hired by our Homeowners' Association.
Pool: Kent Harris -   Pool Information
Traffic & Safety: OPEN
Communications:  Jim Draper - Chair
Responsibilities: This committee maintains the communication of information among the residents of Harrison Pond which includes, Web site, electronic newsletters, directories, and a neighborhood database.
Towne Properties:
Towne Properties is the property management company, retained by your Homeowners' Association, to manage & maintain the common areas of the neighborhood. For property management concerns, contact Town Properties.
Towne Properties: Brandon Long/Kathy Lieb (614-781-0055).
Towne Properties is charged with issuing annual assessment invoices, the collection of assessments from Harrison Pond homeowners, and maintaining the association accounting.