Harrison Pond
Architectural Review Committee
The ARC is charged with the approval and disapproval of all exterior modifications in accordance with our Code of Regulations made on homes in Harrison Pond. Written ARC approval is required for any improvement, modification or alteration visible to the exterior of a home or lot, including but not limited to exterior color, exterior lighting, decks, patios, fences, swing sets, and landscape visible to the exterior (excluding replanting of casual flowers and shrubs in beds and elements provided for the same).
Before any such work begins on the exterior of your home, you must submit an Architectural Modifications Form to Towne Properties. You may email the form directly to BrandonLong@towneproperties.com. Once the form is received, Towne Properties will time stamp the request and forward it to the ARC for review. If you have any questions about the form or process, please call Brandon Long/Kathy Lieb at Towne Properties
614-781-0055 or email Brandon Long directly at BrandonLong@towneproperties.com.
The ARC has adopted the procedure that residents be informed in due course that there will be a minimum of 7 calendar days between the distribution of any request to the ARC and approval or denial of the request. Further, upon receiving a request, as much as practicable, the ARC will inform residents of adjoining properties and solicit their input. All viewpoints, including those of residents of adjoining properties, will be fully considered.
Architectural Modifications Form
Also remember that the city of Gahanna requires a building permit, zoning certificate and plan review in order to begin construction on your new deck or fence. Click here for more information.
Link to City Fence Permit Information